Kung Fu and Meditation Together

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So up to this point, I’ve been talking about Kung Fu and meditation. Know some people may think, how do these to work together? I mean, Kung Fu is all about fighting and defending yourself, and meditation is about developing peace of mind, and becoming one with the universe. How can these to complement each other?

Roll the practice of Kung Fu is about uniting mind and body. The practice and skills needed to learn kung fu require that the student concentrate their entire attention to what they’re doing. They utilize motions and muscle groups that they had never used before. Beginning components of meditation address creating concentration on one object or concept to help clear the mind. As a kung fu practitioner, one must focus their attention entirely on what they are doing. This helps create that one pointed attention necessary to achieve meditative results.

When the body’s performing functions that it never had before, it snaps a person out of their mental inertia and brings them into reality. When we do day to day activities, our minds stores these in our subconscious so that we may complete these tasks on autopilot. Think of your morning routine. How often do you wake up, make coffee, take a shower, and get dressed completely without thinking about it at all. You could literally reflect upon your day and not remember doing many of the things that you had done. While this is handy making our life functionally easier, it takes us out of reality and allows for delusional thinking to run amok.

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So when you are doing something you have never done before, you must concentrate on your actions which keeps you grounded in reality. So by practicing kung fu, or any other martial art, it is basically a form of meditation in action. Your mind is centered on what you are doing, and there is no room for unnecessary outside thoughts or distractions.

Now the meditation component on its own, trains the mind to be able to focus for longer periods of time. This a allows a martial arts student to learn their skill and a faster rate, because they are running with a higher level of concentration than others. The time to learn and develop is shorter, and they get more out of their practice.

Philip Perez

I have enjoyed martial arts for years, and wish to tell you about my journey. Also to give you the best tips and tricks of the trade.