Continued Meditation

andes mountain village

Upon returning from my meditation trip from the Andes Mountains, I returned to my Kung Fu dojo with a new sense of peace and serenity. I felt the trip did me a lot of good and was key for my future training. I noticed that my demeanor was calmer during practice and sparring sessions. I even felt the need to give instruction and advice to my fellow Kung Fu constituents.

I knew that meditation and martial arts went hand-in-hand, but didn’t feel that I had the time to do both. And as I found coming back from my trip, that a calmer mind actually speeds up my training, and also gives me a broader look at my life in general, and how to focus on the things that really matter. I cut out some activities that weren’t beneficial to me, as well as some relationships that weren’t good for my spirit.

To make sure that this state of mind would be nurtured, I decided to look for a local meditation center here in Ohio. Surprisingly, there were a number of centers to choose from. So I went online and read reviews of some of the top facilities. I settled on the Shambhala Meditation Center of Columbus. They seem to have a number of different classes and levels.

my meditation class

On arriving, I decided to start with the beginner groups. Even though I thought I had learned a lot from my trip to the mountains, I thought it better to start at the beginning. I told one of the instructors that I was a Kung Fu enthusiast, and he informed me that his students come from all walks of life, and come from different parts of the country.

One of the people I hit it off with right away was Jon. He is a rock drummer who now teaches online drum lessons on his website He would travel once a week from Pennsylvania to attend 3 groups in one day. Along the way I also met architects, doctors, teachers, and basically people from every walk of life. They and I are searching for the same thing, finding peace in everyday life.

So when I return to my dojo, I constantly feel peace and gratitude towards my life and practice that I owe entirely to meditation. So no matter what you do or who you are, guided meditation will help you enjoy your life and endeavors on a whole new level.

Philip Perez

I have enjoyed martial arts for years, and wish to tell you about my journey. Also to give you the best tips and tricks of the trade.